Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does video production cost?
  • What does the video production process involve?
  • How large is your crew for shooting?
  • How much input do you require from us?
  • What about graphics and branding?
  • Do you add voiceovers and music?
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • In what format will I receive my video files?
  • Do you keep copies of your projects?

There are many variables that determine the cost of video production, for example:

  • Whether we’re shooting in one location or several
  • How long we need to allow for shooting and how large of a crew is required
  • The complexity of the desired video, example if the production involves animation or motion graphics
  • Whether we are producing a single video or several related videos

We work with clients who have a range of budgets, so whatever your requirements we will do our best to find a solution.

Contact us today and we can talk through your options before providing a detailed estimate.

Every project is different, but broadly speaking the video production process can be broken down into three phases:

  • Pre-production: This is when we work with you to learn all about your organization and together define what it is you need from video production. A few of the questions we might discuss are: Who is your target audience? What are the key messages you want to communicate? What platforms do you want to publish on?
  • From there, a video outline and/or detailed script is created, budgets are confirmed and any shooting dates are arranged.
  • Production: This is what most people think of when they talk about creating videos. Our team will capture all the required footage – such as interviews and b-roll at the desired locations.
  • Post-production: This is where the magic happens. Once we’ve captured all the elements, our team will get to work on the edit, molding the digital files into an artistic sequence that portrays your message. During this stage we also add graphics, titles and music as appropriate. You will have an opportunity to review one or more rough cuts and give feedback before everything is finalized.

Depending on the size of the production, crews may vary from a solo videographer to a multi-person crew, consisting of a producer/director, multiple camera operators, a sound recordist, a drone or a teleprompter operator and the necessary production assistants.

We are happy to work from a full script or storyboard provided to us or starting from a blank piece of paper. You can have as much or as little input into the scripting, shooting and editing as you’d like. In any case, we will keep you informed at every step of the process.

Alongside the shooting we will create any motion graphics required for the video. These could range from a simple animated logo to a series of stylish infographics. We always use graphics in a way that complements rather than complicates the message of the video.

Not every project requires a voiceover, but when it does, we can provide you with a range of different voiceover talent to choose from and we’ll take care of the rest. When a background music track is required, we can source a suitable track from a royalty-free music library and provide a license for usage in the finished video.

We utilize professional broadcast-quality equipment and have access to an extensive rental inventory to provide our clients with a variety of video productions options and to accommodate various budgets.

We can deliver your video in any required digital format such as .MP4 or .MOV as well as on Blu-ray, DVD & CD.

Yes. We keep backup copies of footage and project files for the lifetime of the storage media. We are more than happy to revisit and update older projects. If there are concerns about data sensitivity, we are happy to delete all our copies of the media on completion of the project.