Consumer Video Production

Author: Artistic Imagery Productions |

  • Wedding Videos

Since 1993, Artistic Imagery Productions has produced over one hundred wedding videos of various sizes and cultures. We have the experience, creativity and the professional equipment necessary to discreetly produce a video that will capture the excitement of your special day and provide you and your family with memories that everyone will be talking about long after the day is over. We have made customer satisfaction our number one priority… our future depends on it.

  • Special Events, Retirement & Birthday Parties, Showers, etc.
  • Sporting Events
  • Dance Recitals
  • Graduations
  • Award Banquets
  • Family History
  • Insurance Claim Protection
  • Video Editing, Video & Audio Enhancement
  • Foreign Conversions
  • Photo & Slide Transfers
  • Tape & Film Transfers to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy

Have 8mm, super 8, 16mm films or videocassettes laying around? Being around as long as we have has it’s perks. We can transfer films, slides, photos and tapes to disc or MP4 straight across or edit them into a professional presentation. Partnering with Saskatchewan’s oldest duplication facility Repeat International we have in-house format conversions, disc and tape duplication & packaging.