Drone Imagery

Author: Artistic Imagery Productions |

AIP is an experienced Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV or Drone) production company based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan that received its first Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada in 2014. Since then we have earned a reputation for safe, legal, professional UAV operations for both photography and videography.
Our current Standing SFOC allows us to fly in both uncontrolled (Glass G) and controlled (Class C, D, E and F) airspace anywhere in Canada, day or night. We are registered with NAV Canada, file NOTAMs as required and follow all rules and regulations mandated by Transport Canada. We are fully insured and always take two registered UAVs to every job site.
Our UAVs shoot 4K video up to 60 frames per second and still photos up to 20 MP. We have shot aerial photos and video for numerous documentaries, corporate, promotional and marketing videos for a variety of clients including mining companies, land developers, realtors and many different agriculture companies right down to aerial photos of farms and acreages.

Since we also provide professional 4K and Full HD videography on the ground, our labour rates include both air and ground videography. AIP is a one stop shop for your video requirements.
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